Sunday, March 19, 2017

Our Cruise-iversary

One year ago Colb and I finally were able to take a break from the home remodel and school to go on a cruise together. It was so much fun and this year I was sad that we didn't have time to go on another spring break trip. I guess once you graduate from college and get a real job things change :) Our cruise was with Royal Caribbean and I absolutely loved it. I think cruises are so much fun once in a while because there isn't a crazy amount of planning that goes into the trip! Once you're on the boat you don't have to worry about food, hotels or transportation. Before we left we did pic a couple of excursions we wanted to go on and I'm so glad we did! Our trip to the Bahamas was so much fun and we met some amazing new friends!

We spent our first day in Nassau. I was so excited for this port because Colby and I decided to go to the Atlantis Resort. Atlantis was one of my bucket list locations and I was excited to check it off my list! We read a lot of reviews about how crowded it was and etc. but it turned out not being too busy at all! We were able to look at their aquariums, go down the underwater slides and spent way to much time in the lazy river. It was a riot! Atlantis is somewhere I hope to go back to someday. It was absolutely gorgeous and so much fun!

 We had another stop at Coco Kay which is one of Royal Caribbeans private islands. I didn't love this island as much as the others but we did have a lot of fun swimming with stingrays. White we were in the stingray... um pen? Haha we found the little guy in the picture! You can tell that I was a little nervous.. thank goodness my husband isn't afraid of crabs or bugs :)

One of the last stops was Key West. Colby and I loved this day! We explored the city with friends and then decided to go jet skiing together. It was one of the scariest things ever. Okay maybe not scariest, but I was worried I was going to fly off the of the back of the jet ski! Our tour guide took us (on what seemed like forever) out into the ocean. We were hitting some massive waves and of course Colb loved it as I was screaming and holding on for my life! I'm pretty sure being on the back isn't as much fun as driving.. even though it was a blast! As we stopped at one of the locations on the tour we saw a shark! It was swimming right next to us. It was cool and scary all at the same time! 

Funny side note of the trip: Colb and I were flying home standby and weren't going to make it to Salt Lake. My family was in California for a cheer competition and we ended up flying from Florida to California and met my whole family in Disneyland for the night. It was the most random spur of the moment Disneyland trip ever!

Our trip was so much fun and I'm excited to start planning this years trip! If you have any suggestions let me know!


Kate Liz

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