Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving with the Joneses (& no heat)

Thanksgiving was a little bit different this year because I had to work. I helped with a brunch that happens each year at the hotel I work at. It was fun to see people from all over, but it is always hard being away from family on the holidays. However, the day after Thanksgiving definitely made up for what I felt I missed the day before.

According to the Jones boys the day after Thanksgiving isn't for shopping... it is for shooting, playing games and my favorite, horseback riding. Colby and I woke up with a little bit different agendas. Colby wanted to get out to shoot as early as possible and I wanted to start shopping for Christmas. So we ended up splitting up for a few hours.

While Colby was out I started getting really cold. I'm always cold so I figured I should just pile on the blankets and I would be fine. But no. Our furnace had broken and the house was getting super cold extremely fast! I thought I was going to turn into an icicle (yes, that cold). I ended up throwing on as many layers as possible and left to meet up with the family.

The boys are so funny to watch. They are SOOO into their guns! They were just finishing up so I helped them clean up before heading off to ride horses. Horseback riding is one of my favorite things. I tell Colb I want to live on a farm when I'm older and he just laughs at that idea.

My Thanksgiving day was so much fun, even with it being a day late. Now if I can just survive a freezing house until Monday.. Eh, I'm probably going to ask my parents if they mind if we move in for a while. I have no problem having my mom make us dinner for a few days :) (If you know my mom, you wouldn't mind living there for a little while either). I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and weren't as cold as we were!

Kate Liz

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